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As the coronavirus situation is continuing to develop, the health and well-being of employers and employees around the world is our top priority. If you are a vendor that is offering an assistance program, discounted product or service, or special offer relative to COVID-19, we can list you on our website for a low-cost fee.

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The opportunity

Pandemic Patronage Program

$1,000 Sponsorship

Get a Dedicated Page with Your Company's Assistance Program or Focused Service

Your company will have a dedicated webpage and URL on where employers and employees can learn more about you and see the specific service you are offering.

What's included on the webpage?

  • Company Logo (show off your brand and establish authority)
  • Company Profile (tell the story about your company and what you do best)
  • Service Offering (explain your coronavirus-specific assistance program or service)
  • Media (an image or video that adds context to your offering in a visual way)
  • Linked Button (take your prospect back to your website or dedicated landing page)

What Sort of Companies Can Benefit?

Wellness Programs
Remote Workforce
HR Consulting
Health Screening
Social Media
Surveys & Forms
Virtual Conferences
Skills Training
Legal & Regulatory
Stress Reduction
Marketing Agency
Password Management
Job Boards
Life Insurance
Smoking Cessation
Business Consulting
Benefits Communications
Financial Planning
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included on a vendor page?

As discussed above, a vendor that is involved in coronavirus-related offerings, for example discounted services, has the opportunity to have a dedicated page with a dedicated URL on A vendor gets to display their company logo, a company profile, a summary of the offering, media in the form of photo or video, and a button that links back to the company's website or landing page where they can sign up an employer or employee.

Why is this beneficial for my company? is a website powered by Corporate Health & Wellness Association and Global Healthcare Resources to provide free and paid resources, especially to employers and employees. If this is your market, this is your opportunity.

What is this website?

As touched on above, this website was created to provide COVID-19 resources. Here you can find everything from our paid training, the Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training, to our free resources, including infographics, the live Johns Hopkins global cases map, coronavirus news and updates, and webinars relative to COVID-19.

How do employers and employees find this website?

This website is marketed through a variety of means. Firstly, we have about a dozen of our websites across our business lines that are pointing here. Second, we have a very large database of employers which we market relevant and beneficial products and services to, like the Coronavirus Workforce Preparedness Training. Third, about half of our traffic comes through organic searches.

Why is this offering priced so low?

While this is the most cost-friendly branding sponsorship we have ever offered at just $1,000, we wanted to do this for two main reasons:

  1. We are in the midst of a crisis. We don't want to put up barriers, but rather break them down.
  2. Employers could greatly benefit from your offerings during this time, and we would like to help them.

What if my company wants more than just this sponsorship alone?

If you are a vendor that has an interest in doing bigger things together, don't hesitate to reach out. You can email us via marketing [at] goghr [dot] com. We've been creating custom solutions for both vendors and employers in the United States for more than a decade.


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