Working in an Office May Double Your Risk of COVID-19

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  • Workers in office settings may be more likely to become infected with COVID-19 than those who work from home, a new study found
  • Public health experts who examined possible exposures to COVID-19 among workers found that employees who tested positive for COVID-19 were almost twice as likely to report commuting to work, compared with employees who tested negative
  • The researchers interviewed about 310 people who took a COVID-19 test in July, and compared the people who tested positive to the control group of people who tested negative
  • About a third of the COVID-19 group reported working from home at least part time before the diagnosis, while half of the control group reported working remotely at least some times
  • In the two weeks prior to getting sick, members of the group that tested positive were more likely to report that they went to the office or to school than members of the control group