Workers Returning to Work Face Health Risks Other Than COVID-19

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  • As businesses and workplaces are begining to reopen after more than two months of being shuttered, there may be more health risks looming in those deserted worksites to be concerned about
  • As these buidlings have been empty the last two months, there is a chance that not much water had been in these offices, and so remains stagnant in the pipes. This can put people at risk of Legionnaire's disease, a life-threatening lung infection
  • Legionnaire's disease is caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila, which grows in water pipes and other humid environments. People can get the infection by breathing in droplets of water contaminated with the bacteria
  • Legionnaire's disease has a higher mortality rate than COVID-19, killing one out of every 10 people with the disease
  • Without good plumping maintenance, ensuring regular flow of water within the pipes, and maintaining hot temperatures in the office HVAC systems, as may have occured in some worksites during the lockdown, the risk of exposing workers to this disease is high