What Autopsies Reveal About Coronavirus

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  • NYU Lagone Health Pathologist Amy Rapkiewicz has reported findings from a series of autopsies she carried out on patients that died of COVID-19-related complications
  • She found that while the organs were mostly damaged in the pattern described by clinicians, some organs contained too many of a rare cell found in patients with dengue fever
  • Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne tropical viral infection that destroys these rare cells, leading to uncontrolled bleeding. The cells are thought to cause normal blood clots.
  • Rapkiewicz suggested that the novel coronavirus possibly amplifies the function of these cells, causing massive clotting
  • Autopsies done by other pathologists also reveal several microclots in the lungs and other tissues, a finding that influenced some doctors to start administering blood thinners to all COVID-19 patients