Website Provides Useful Information About Travel Restrictions Around the World

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  • As the world battles to control the raging coronavirus pandemic, many countries have introduced restrictions that shutter businesses and limit inbound travel as a way of curbing the outbreak
  • To find out if your planned destination has travel restrictions, you can run it through Covid Controls, a website developed by a team of scientists at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology
  • Covid Controls tracks travel data and restrictions from around the world, and provides a user with necessary information in color-coded maps
  • Information provided include which countries are allowing tourists, which airports are open, and whether documentation and COVID-19 testing may be required to enter your selected country
  • Lockdown details are also provided, allowing users to check whether restaurants, bars, and tourist attraction sites are open in the selected country - and if there are restrictions in those places
  • However, the site does not cover every country. Details of countries such as Bermuda and Vatican City are not included on the site