Walmart Shoppers Stockpile Goods as COVID-19 Resurges

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  • Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Tuesday that customers are panic-buying loads of items such as toilet paper as coronavirus cases rise again
  • The coronavirus outbreak has risen across the US, with the seven-day average of daily new cases exceeding 150,000 for the first time on Monday
  • In some parts of the country, the outbreaks have worsened to stretch their health capacities beyond their limits
  • In El Paso, Texas, for instance, hospitals have run out of beds for critically ill patients, and doctors are beginning to use freezer trucks as temporary mortuaries and are beginning to provide inpatient care only to those who need it the most
  • With the lastest surge, retailers have set up new policies to prevent shortage of items and transmission of the virus within the stores
  • Kroger, for example, has reinstated purchasing limits on toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting spray