UPS and FedEx Ready for Vaccine Distribution

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  • Transport companies, UPS and FedEx, say they will distribute the COVID-19 vaccine within the US. This was confirmed at a hearing on COVID-19 by the US Senate Subcommittee on Transportation and Safety
  • Given the ultra-low temperature under which the vaccine must be transported, both companies say they are ready to take up the challenge and guarantee efficient storage and transport of the vaccines
  • FedEx Regional President of the Americas Richard Smith said the company has made significant investments into their cold-chain infrastructure over the years to allow optimal storage of the vaccines
  • UPS President of Global Healthcare Wesley Wheeler also said his company has extensive experience shipping products at all temperatures. Wheeler also noted that his company had designed the packaging of the vaccine to keep the vaccine at the required temperature for several days
  • Wheeler also noted that the company has invested in dry ice manufacturing capacity to replenish at dosing sites when required