Studies Show Long-term COVID-19 Immune Response

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  • Two studies have revealed how the severity of COVID-19 disease influences the duration of antibody response
  • The first study, a UK study, examined 65 persons with polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-confirmed COVID-19 infection and 31 seropositive healthcare workers, and found that patients could have antibodies present for up to 94 days
  • The study authors found that more than 95 percent of sampled patients had neutralizing antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus 8 days after the onset of symptoms, however the magnitude, duration, and peak levels of the antibodies depend on disease severity
  • In most patients, antibodies may remain in circulation for up to 94 days, but in patients with mild disease, antibodies are undetectable after 50 days
  • The second study had similar findings, revealing that antibodies could remain in circulation for up to 7 months after the infection
  • The study, conducted in Portugal, examined antibody levels in more than 500 hospitalized patients who had recovered from COVID-19
  • The researchers found that coronavirus antibodies remained in their bodies from 40 days up to 7 months post-infection