Remdesivir Looks Like an Effective COVID-19 Drug. But How Much Will it Cost?

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  • More clinical trials still need to be conducted, but it's starting to look like Remdesivir really does effectively treat COVID-19. A number of credible doctors are backing up the drug's successful claims, including Dr. Fauci.
  • Remdesivir is owned by Gilead, a pharmaceutical company with a partial history of price gouging.
  • Gilead took a publicity hit in 2015 when it was caught charging $84,000 for a Hepatitis C drug.
  • As Congress has been quick to point out, an unaffordable drug might as well be an ineffective drug.
  • Gilead will feel pressured to make its drug affordable and widely available, but some will argue that it also has a fiduciary responsibility to its investors to turn at least some profit off Remdesivir, which cost $1 billion to develop.