Isreali Government Announces New 3-Week National Lockdown

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  • Israel has announced plans to impose a new national lockdown to curb the surge of the coronavirus in the country
  • The lockdown takes effect on Friday - the Jewish new year - and would last at least three weeks
  • The country has faced a spike in coronavirus cases, with 4,000 new daily cases in recent weeks
  • The prime minister said Sunday that the measures will be the most extensive ever imposed in the country since the first lockdown that ran from late March to early May
  • The measures include no more than 10 people in an indoor gathering and no more than 20 outdoors. Schools and shops will remain closed but non-governmental offices and businesses may remain open without accepting customers
  • According to the global tally by Johns Hopkins University, Israel has recorded more than 153,000 confirmed cases with a death toll of 1,108