Israel Pushes for Booster Shots as Daily Cases Surge

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  • Israeli lawmakers push for booster shots to consolidate the gains of its fast vaccination drive, which has been recognized for its efficiency and speed
  • COVID-19 transmission in Israel declined sharply in the last few months while the rest of the world battle with the rapid spread of the delta variant. Experts say this is because of Israel's commendable vaccination drive, in which more than half of the country's population were vaccinated in barely two months
  • COVID-19 cases in Israel has been on a sharp rise since July despite the high vaccination rate, with daily cases reaching a record high of 12,113 on August 24
  • Preliminary data published in Israel had revealed that the immune response conferred by the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine depleted over months, necessitating a booster shot
  • In late July, Israel rolled out a third vaccine dose for everyone over the age of 60, a move that has recently been expanded to cover everyone over the age of 30