Here's how the COVID-19 Pandemic Could Reshape World Politics

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  • Both now and for the foreseeable future, coronavirus will likely shape the happenings of geopolitical events and conflicts.
  • Some effects are likely to be random, and follow the ebbs and flows of the virus. But there is some evidence that COVID-19 is accelerating the loss of US political clout on the world stage.
  • One such example is the WHO's decision to back a conciliatory European plan on how to deal with allegations that China may have acted improperly during the opening weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. The US was pushing for a strict, thorough investigation but was boxed out by other parties. In years past, this would seem unfathomable.
  • American threats to cut funding to the WHO seem to have made matters worse.
  • A trajectory such as this could push Europe farther away from the US and closer to China.