Germany's Health System on the Verge of Collapsing, Without Tougher Restrictions - Merkel

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  • The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that the country's health system may be on the verge of collapse if tougher restrictions were not made
  • Merkel said, in a parliamentary meeting early this week, that the number of newly infected persons was doubling every seven to eight days while the number of occupied intensive care beds was doubling every 10 days
  • Merkel said if it doubles four more times, the country's health system would collapse
  • Officials say Merkel was planning on initiating new restrictions, which would include closure of bars and restaurants
  • On Tuesday, the number of cases rose by 11,409, compared to 6,868 cases a week ago
  • Earlier, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier said Germany may reach 20,000 new infections by the end of the week