Fewer Americans Want to Take COVID-19 Vaccines

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  • The coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 20 million people in the US, killing no fewer than 350 people since it started early last year
  • Health experts agree that the most effective way to end this outbreak is to vaccinate a large proportion of the population; however, Americans are refusing to get a shot of the vaccine
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that the skepticism toward the vaccines has been on the rise in America
  • US adults, regardless of age, sex, and race, were less likely to say they'd receive a shot in late November or early December than they were in early April
  • Between November 25 and December 8, only 56.2 percent of US adults say they were planning to receive the COVID-19 vaccine when their turn came
  • Further, women are less likely to recieve the vaccine; only 50.6 percent of them said they planned to get vaccinated, down from nearly 70 percent in April