Double Masking can Block 92 Percent Infectious Particles, CDC Says

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  • Double masking can significantly improve protection from COVID-19, new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows
  • Scientists found that layering a cloth mask over a medical mask, such as a surgical mask, could block 92.5 percent of infectious droplets from escaping
  • The CDC Director. Rochelle Walensky added that the CDC continues to recommend that masks have two or more layers, and fit snugly to cover the nose and mouth
  • Medical procedure masks, like the surgical masks, don't fit snugly to the face, therefore, creating gaps that can allow unfiltered air to escape
  • In its new study, the CDC found that when both an infected and uninfected source were wearing double masks, the cumulative exposure from potentially infectious aerosols went down by 96.4 percent