Delta Airlines Bans 880 Passengers

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  • Delta Air Lines has banned 880 people from flying with the airline for not wearing face masks, unruly behavior, and harassing other passengers
  • A spokesman said the offences were related to the US election results and the recent riots at the US Capitol Building
  • In one incidence, supporters of outgoing President Donald Trump physically harassed Utah Senator Mitt Romney on Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Washington DC. The harrassment continued on board the flight with shouts of "traitor"
  • All six passengers who were involved been placed on the no-flight list
  • Those banned under the mask policy may only be allowed to fly Delta again if the rule is no longer in place. Until then, those involved have no chance of appeal
  • However, those who were banned for other offences may be on the list for longer, at the airline's discretion