COVID-19: Spain Imposes Nationwide Night-time Curfew

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  • Spain has declared a national state of emergency and imposed a night-time curfew in an effort to curb further spread of the COVID-19 infections
  • Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said the curfew, which took effect Sunday night, would be between the hours of 23:00 and 06:00
  • Mr Sánchez said the curfew will be in place for at least six months as the country battles a new wave of COVID-19 cases
  • Spain was one of the hardest hit countries by the first wave of the pandemic early in the year, but has imposed tougher restrictions to rein in this second wave of infections
  • These restrictions, which have been described as the toughest in the world, include a limit on public and private gatherings of different households to no more than 6 people
  • Mr Sánchez also said restricing travel between districts would be at the discretion of the regional leaders