COVID-19: French Hospitals May Become Saturated by Early November

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  • French Prime Minister Jean Castex has warned that the country's intensive care units may become saturated with COVID-19 patients by November 11 if nothing is done to curb the spread of the infection
  • The prime minister said this to lawmakers in a closed-door meeting earlier in the week
  • France recorded 523 new COVID-19 deaths in 24 hours on Tuesday, the highest daily toll since April 22
  • On Thursday, the country also recorded 47,637 new cases and 250 new deaths
  • France currently has more than 1,131,462 coronavirus cases, with a death toll of over 36,000
  • President Macron announced Wednesday that the country would go on another nationwide lockdown until the outbreak is brought under control
  • The nationwide lockdown took effect at midnight on Friday