Coronavirus Patients with High Blood Pressure are Twice as Likely to Die

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  • COVID-19 patients with high blood pressure have two times the risk of death compared with those normal blood pressure, anew Chinese study shows
  • The study further found that the risk of dying further doubled again for hypertensive patients who have not been compliant with their blood pressure meds
  • For the study, researchers in China and Ireland investigated nearly 3,000 cases admitted to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan between February 5 and March 15
  • 850 patients had high blood pressure while 2,027 patients did not have the condition
  • About 4 percent of patients with high blood pressure died compared with one percent of those without the condition
  • After adjusting the findings for age, sex, and other comordities, the study authors deduced that high blood pressure increases the risk of COVID-19 death by two times