Common Heartburn Drug May Help Coronavirus Patients

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  • Ten people infected with COVID-19 have found relief of their symptoms after using a common heartburn drug, a study shows
  • The study, which was published Thursday, found that a small group of patients who were home sick with COVID-19 experienced relief of their symptoms after using Famotidine, the over-the-counter ingredient in Pepcid
  • The study authors note that all but one of the participants took the drug for the first 10 days of experiencing symptoms. The 10th patient took it on the 26th day of symptom onset
  • All patients observed a rapid improvement in symptoms within 24 to 48 hours of using the medication
  • According to the report, all ten patients were back to normal within two weeks
  • The researchers believe that these findigs suggest Famotidine may be useful in the treatment of COVID-19; however, a larger study may be necessary to confirm that