Catholic Diocese Asks Supreme Court to Overturn New York's COVID-19 Church Restrictions

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  • The Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn Thursday asked the Supreme Court to block New York's COVID-19 restrictions on worship places, saying the rules unfairly target religion
  • The diocese is challenging an executive order by the state Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which limits gatherings at churches to 10 people in the state's "red" zones and 25 in the state's "orange" zones
  • The diocese notes that the rule singles out and discriminates against houses of worship, violating the First Amendment's Free Exercise Clause
  • The Supreme Court had rejected a similar challenge by religious bodies in Califonia, stating that the political officers were in the best position to make restrictions that will safeguard the health of citizens
  • The Diocese of Brroklyn stated that secular businesses are not under than same restrictions as places of worship
  • In red zones. the group wrote, essential businesses are allowed to remain open, while in the orange zones, most non-essential businesses open without limitations