Black Americans Most Interested in Coronavirus-Related News

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  • A recent survey has shown that black Americans paid more attention to news related to the COVID-19 pandemic than any other racial group in the country
  • The study, which was conducted by Pew Research Center, found that black adults were much more likely to follow COVID-19 news closely than whites and somewhat more likely than Hispanic adults
  • Data from the survey shows that 26 percent of blacks discussed the virus almost every time with others - two times as much as whites
  • At the national level, more than 55 percent of black American adults say they follow news about the epidemic very closely, compared with 36 percent of white adults and 43 percent of Hispanic adults
  • Also, 49 percent of blacks were keen to know the number of cases and deaths in the country, compared with 34 percent of white adults
  • This may be consequent to COVID-19 data that shows that black Americans suffered more mortality from the coronavirus than other racial groups in the country