Air Conditioners Increase Coronavirus Spread, British Experts Say

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  • UK experts say air conditioning (AC) units may increase the risk of airborne transmission of the coronavirus
  • The experts say those who use air conditioners that circulate the same air are at high risk of contracting COVID-19 if an infected person is in the same room
  • This comes after the WHO finally acknowledged the risk of airborne transmission of the novel coronavirus
  • Experts distinguish between two types of air conditioning units - those that draw air from outside and send it out again and the split types, which recirculate the same air
  • According to the Chartered Institution of Building Service Engineers, air conditioning units that do not have a dedicated source of outside air supply have a risk of recirculating contaminated air, even toward socially distanced occupants
  • The researchers, therefore, recommended that opening the windows while the AC is running or turning the AC off completely may lower the risk of coronavirus spread